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Apple, Beats working on wireless 'AirPod' headphones Jan 11, 2016 - Similar to Bragi's Dash earbuds with a built-in call-answering button, the rumored Apple AirPods will have similar functionality to activate Siri qvod义母禁断关系dx3

Apple developing revamped, cord-free Beats with charging Jan 8, 2016 - Apple has registered the “AirPods” trademark which may be what these are called. The headphones are planned to be a premium alternative to 爱逼操电影

Apple Likely Trying to File for 'AirPods' Trademark - Mac Oct 1, 2015 - Apple may be taking steps to protect the name "AirPods," based on recent trademark filings in a number of countries. While Apple itself is 大师厕所偷拍bt